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Radio Station Contests and Promotions that Rock

If your radio station contests and promotions aren’t exciting, they flop. On-air radio station promotions must be so auditorily dramatic that describing the event gives the listener the feeling of actually being there in the midst of the action.

We have been in the business of creating extreme promotions for more than 10 years. To help you develop radio station promotions and contests that engage your listeners, we’ve created a selection of products to jumpstart and enhance your radio station contest ideas.
The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine

Without a doubt, the most popular and the most exciting of our radio station contest promotional products is the Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine. This cash blowing machine has all of the elements of the perfect radio station promotion – it’s hilarious to watch, rich with sound, and draws out unexpected reactions in the radio station contest participant.

How would you react if you were suddenly placed into a clear cube and told that you could keep all of the money inside if only you could catch it as it swirled around your body and slipped in and out of your grasp? You may think you know how you and your radio station contest winners will react, but once that money begins to swirl, adrenaline takes over and the results are raw, unexpected, and 100% hilarious!

Who wouldn’t want to step into a phone-booth sized box of cash and told they could keep everything they could stuff into their special cash collecting apron? When you’ve got to narrow down the radio station contestants to chose the lucky individuals who will step into the cash machine, the wheel of fortune (shown at left) or one of our many other prize wheels are an exciting way to make a selection.

The money blowing Cash Cube Money Machine is ideal for outdoor street contests and promotions and for in station contests. The sight of a person desperately grabbing for hordes of cash inside of a clear plastic cube is an absolute traffic stopper when you’re radio station promotions are held out in the community. Keeping a cash blowing machine in the station for the entertainment of celebrity guests or contest winners always makes for a completely unique and exciting experience.

Even when listeners can’t actually see the mayhem, the reaction of the participant is often so hilarious that it is just as entertaining to hear a play by play description by the DJ as the sound of the money blowing machine whirrs in the background.

Radio Now 93.1 out of Indianapolis Indiana liked the idea of the money blowing machine so much, that they created a humorous online money blowing machine game where listeners can pick their favorite radio host and watch them flail around inside the money machine and grab for cash.

How could you use the Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine in your radio station contests and promotions? These money blowing machines are available to buy or to rent in a wide variety of styles and options.

Speak with a live online customer service rep now or call 800-573-3111 to rent or buy a Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine.
“Unlock the Prize Safe” Radio Station Promotion

For a really exciting on-air event, create a game where contestants can win envelopes with combinations inside. As passers by to answer trivia questions or invite listeners down to your event to compete in a crazy competition like a men’s high heel race or pie eating contest.

Only one of the envelopes will include the winning combination. Tensions and excitement mount when contestants punch in the code to see if the lock will open. One person has the winning combination… but who is it? These are the type of radio station promotions that will have listeners happy to be sitting in traffic so that they can hear the exciting event play out!

You can also organize a huge contest and offer a great grand prize by allowing contestants to choose the prize safe combination randomly. There are hundreds of thousands of possible combinations. By choosing either a 4-digit or a 6-digit combination, you can decrease or increase the odds of someone guessing the combination.

The best part about this radio station promotion is that if one of your listeners wins – you don’t need to be responsible for paying out the prize! We offer prize insurance for a true win-win situation – the contestant wins the prize and you win publicity!

Speak with a live online customer service rep now or call 800-573-3111 to rent or buy the Prize Safe for your next radio station promotion.
Discount Ad Specialties

It is critical that radio stations keep loads of customized ad specialties on hand to use as listener contest giveaways and to generate street level buzz. We offer thousands of interesting, unique, and low cost ad specialty items that can really get people talking.

The more exciting your radio station’s promotional products, the more likely people are to wear and use these items around town, spreading the word and the buzz about your radio station.

Find literally thousands of unique radio station promotional items to compliment your every contest, give away, street team marketing event, and promotional event throughout the year.

Call 800-573-3111 with questions about customized radio station promotional products.
Radio Station Promotion Prize Wheels and Wheel of Fortune

They key with any successful on air radio station contest is to keep the level of intensity peaked. Prize wheels are ideal for fast paced, fast moving radio station contests and promotions.

Feel the level of intensity cut through the airwaves as pegs on the wheel of fortune slowly click to a stand-still as the contestant’s tension mounts.

Prize wheels work well in outdoor advertising promotions where the goal is to draw in and engage crowds. Money wheels are also a key partner element to other radio station promotions.

Use the prize wheel to choose the contestant who will win the grand prize or who will move on to the next round of your contest. Create a “truth or dare” wheel that gets listeners to say and do hilarious things on the air.

We design a custom money wheel that will compliment the theme of your specific radio station promotion. Our stock money wheels come with software that allows you to create your own prize wheel tiles, giving you flexibility to adapt the wheel of fortune to all of your future radio station marketing events!

Speak with a live online customer service rep now or call 800-573-3111 to rent or buy a prize wheel for your radio station marketing events.

The latest promotion that's sure to draw crowds to your radio station event! The ATM money machine can be put in promotion mode to dispense real notes or coupons, prize vouchers, gift certificates and customized bills from your business. All it takes is one swipe of a promotional card that has a magnetic strip.

You can also program it to dispense a custom coupon with every transaction. You can brand it and make your message be seen and remembered with this authentic Promotional ATM Money Machine. Each machine can be programmed to display through and scroll up to 8 pictures or custom messages on its 10-inch color monitor.

The ATM promotion machine can be rented or purchased. Installation and training of the promotional ATM money machine is available. We also offer custom imprinting, color changes, or vinyl wraps.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 about using the ATM Money Machine in your radio station promotions.
Customizable Scratch Off Cards

Scratch off card promotional advertising is a smart way for your radio station marketing to reach households that may not have heard about your radio station promotion any other way.

Our scratch-off cards are an incredible economic value and can be mailed out to thousands of listeners in your area.

Create your station’s own “listen and win” challenge or “find the program host” scratch off card promotions. The sky is the limit to the creative radio station promotions you can create with scratch off cards. We’ll create a unique, high quality customized design just for you and work with you to determine the odds of winning.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 to learn more about using scratch-off cards in your radio station promotions.
Customized Popcorn Machines

Giving away bags of freshly popped buttery popcorn at your outdoor radio station event is a sure way to drive hordes of traffic!

The buttery smell of the popcorn draws crowds from all over the event and brings them to your remote broadcast station where you can interact and engage.

When listeners make a personal connection with your radio station’s DJ’s and show hosts, they are more likely to listen to your show and tell their friends about their experience mingling with a local celebrity.

Your radio station has an image to uphold and our customized popcorn machines will help you promote it. Our customized popcorn machine experts can turn a plain popcorn cart into branded promotional tool. We can even customize the popcorn bags that you hand out so that visitors will advertise your brand throughout the event grounds.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 to buy or to learn more about customized popcorn machines.
Radio station promotions are some of the most exciting events in town. Capture the energy and fun of your event when you bring our Portable Photo Booth to your radio station event.

Help your guests have fun while introducing them to your station or program at the same time. Every photo booth has the option of customization: think of it as a large billboard for your station that will be fun and interesting at the same time. It's inexpensive to ship and easy to set up at any location.

When you rent your Portable Photo Booth, you will have your choice of three different and unique picture styles. Whichever you choose, customize it with your logo for a take home gift your attendees are sure to remember.

Some people think that photo booths would be hard to ship and set up. But because of the uniquely portable design of our Portable Photo Booth, shipping is affordable and easy. The booth breaks down into convenient shipping elements that are easy to set up again once the booth gets to you.

Want candid shots captured throughout your event? Our event photography pros will capture candids and create fun photo takeaways for your guests. With our advanced green screen photography equipment, we can superimpose images of your guests onto funny magazine covers, trading cards, or a variety of backgrounds. Our event photography team can even capture posed portraits of guest with their favorite DJ.

These personalized mementos aren’t just cherished keepsakes. When people take these fun event photography takeaways to work or school, they become powerful marketing pieces that advertise your radio station or your radio show. Post candid images of guests having a great time on your blog, website, or newsletters - we provide all images on a CD!

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 about our event photography services for your next radio station promotion.
Video Game Attractions

Create exciting radio station promotion contests with video game attractions! Pit listeners against each other in a classic game of PacMan or one of our other exciting arcade games.

The sounds of the video game attractions make for exciting background noise while your radio station host can give a play by play of the action taking place on the screen.

Video game attractions are a perfect promotion to use in conjunction with the Prize Safe. Award the player with the highest score the chance to pick an envelope with a Prize Safe combination inside.

Video game attractions are also a great way to collect contact information so that you can send promotional communication by email or post. Host a contest at live outdoor radio station promotion events and award the top-scoring player of the day with a great prize. Call them at home or work during you on-air show to break the news that they’ve won!

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 to rent or buy video game attractions for your next radio station promotion.
Treasure Chest Promotion

There's nothing that attracts customers to your promotional radio station event like a chance to win a great prize! Our attention-grabbing treasure chests can be filled with currency, coupons, gift certificates, logo-imprinted giveaways, or whatever you choose. Hand your contestant a key and let them try their luck. You're in total control of how much booty to give away, because you control the number of bogus keys and winning keys. People won't be able to pass by your event when they see your huge real wood or lucite treasure chest waiting to be unlocked by a lucky winner. They'll want to come in and give it a try, the perfect opportunity to strike up conversations and generate sales!

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 to learn more about the treasure chest for your radio station promotions.
Radio Station Promotional Games
Toss N' Win
Plinko Boards
Your listeners will be lining up to try Toss N' Win, and compete for prizes! This fun-filled, portable, customizable game is for contestants of all ages and skills. Toss N' Win includes 6 Bean Bags and no assembly is required. Customize the 11 inserts using your own computer! We provide templates for Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word. You create the graphics for your Toss N' Win! Radio station listeners will have tons of fun trying their luck at landing the chip into a prize spot after it bounces down the Plinko board. Plinko boards are a fun way to drive customers to your marketing event and hand out logo imprinted merchandise, customized coupons, gift certificates and memorable prizes to players. Available in black and white.
Display N Play
Raffle Drums
This attractive and sturdy activity board is efficient for showcasing flat items and ideal for playing a variety of group games at your next remote broadcast. Showcasing with the Display N' Play is simple; just set it up and insert items into the 15 clear pockets. Easy to mount on a wall or set up with the attached metal stand, the Display & Play is convenient to transport and store.
Customizable raffle drums drive tons of traffic to your promotional event, create excitement, and get people excited. As part of your marketing plan, mail out pre printed raffle tickets to listeners and invite them to stop by your remote event for the big drawing. No matter what the prize, our Raffle Drums add fun to any event, year after year.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 about using the Promotional Games in your radio station promotions.
Radio Station Street Team Robots

Your competitors are still using the same old street team techniques to promote their radio station. Why not have a street team that really captures the attention of the people on the streets! Create you own radio station street team of crowd stopping robots that can pass out fliers, greet people, and even be programmed with a pre-loaded script.

With an overuse of traditional street team marketing techniques, the public has learned to ignore people handing out fliers and vying for attention in public spaces. But when Rupert the Robot (shown at left) and his robot buddies are out on the town, people stop and stare!

Rupert is controlled by a remote control that is disguised as a coffee cup. Have one of your fun-loving radio station staff controlling Rupert as he hands out fliers, stickers, ad specialties, and shakes hands with people out in public.

The Gizmo D. Robot (shown in blue) is a monster of a robot that is big enough for one of your team to step inside of and control. Believe us when we say that no one can miss this gigantic robot as he makes his way around an event.

Gizmo can be preprogrammed with a 40 minute scripted show designed to spread your message and interact with those in the crowd. This huge oversized robot can also be customized with your radio station’s logo or promotional message for a lasting impression that people won’t soon forget!

Why not make that message board a 6'6" life sized animatronic gorilla robot? Our big guys have moving torso and arm, sure to catch the eye of anyone who attends your events. The gorilla robot is also available in colors: choose from original natural, pink, blue, green, or purple.

A 21" x 36" sign and 4" lettering come with the gorilla. He's made of durable, weatherproof fun fur and plastic over a steel core. He stands on a sturdy base covered with outdoor carpet. In addition, the base has space to add weight if he's going to stand up to high winds. Outdoors or in, message board or standing alone, this gorilla robot is sure to turn heads at your radio event or office!

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 to learn more about rending or buying radio station street team robots for your radio station promotions.
Promotional Inflatables, Giant Marketing Balloons, and More

The key to all promotion ideas is to get noticed. Once customers are aware of your event, the traffic comes in.

A building sometimes blends into the urban landscape. You need radio station promotion products that can’t be overlooked. It’s pretty hard to overlook a giant marketing balloon or custom promotional inflatable that stands twenty feet tall!

We have a wide selection of tried-and-true promotional inflatable favorites such as a giant hot-air balloon, inflatable apes, or air dancers. Any of these can be imprinted with your station's logo for a very low cost.

If you want something really special, talk to us about a completely customized promotional inflatable that can’t be ignored. We can reproduce your mascot, a huge 3-dimensional version of your logo, or any other object you can imagine.

Marketing balloons and customized promotional inflatables can be a great choice for the budget conscious. Promotional inflatable marketing balloons are a small-cost way to get a big message out to the public. Draw huge crowds with these huge advertisements and watch your sales soar!

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 about using Outdoor Marketing Balloons and Promotional Inflatables for your next radio station promotion.
The Customizable Promotional Slot Machine

There is something about the sights and sounds of a slot machine that stirs up our raw, thrill-seeking, competitive tendencies. These custom promotional slot machines have all of the exciting bells and whistles of the traditional slot machine that we are so attracted to, but have been modified for promotional use.

Have us customize the prize reel any way you’d like to match your radio station marketing event or radio station contest. Adorn the prize reels with the faces of your radio station’s most popular radio show host. Use sponsor logos or product images that represent the prizes to be won in your radio station contest. Leave the prize reels as-is for a true Vegas look and feel.

Whatever your radio station event or contest calls for; we can create a custom promotional slot machine to enhance the excitement. This radio station promotional item is a real crowd stopper when doing street level radio station marketing. One the air, the sounds of the slot machine are crystal clear and the reaction of the radio station contest participant as they pull the lever and hope to win big brings listeners right into the heart of the excitement.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 to buy a customized promotional slot machine for your radio station promotion. Prices start at only $350!

Find Out More About These Radio Station Promotions

The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine: An exciting and media-worthy radio station promotion tool that sounds hilarious when described on the air and has the power to attract a live crowd at street level promotions.

Customizable Popcorn Machine: Drive hordes of traffic to your outdoor marketing event with the smell of warm buttery popcorn. We’ll customize the popcorn machine with your radio station’s logo and print custom design popcorn bags so that visitors will advertise your radio station throughout the event grounds.

The Customizable Promotional Slot Machine: A real slot machine without the coins, but with all the lights and sounds of the casino. Have us customize prize reel to suit your particular radio station promotion.

Discount Ad Specialties Products: Take advantage of incredibly competitive prices on unique radio station promotional items. Use as giveaways, prizes, and let your listeners spread the word about your station.

Radio Station Promotion Prize Wheels and Wheel of Fortune: Liven up your radio station contests and generate buzz at your street-level marketing promotions with a Prize Wheel or Wheel of Fortune.

“Unlock the Prize Safe” Radio Station Promotion: Listeners and locals take a shot at guessing the six-digit combination that unlocks the prize or your choice inside. Allow contestants to guess randomly, or hold a contest where contestants pick from several envelopes – one of which includes the combination to the Prize Safe!

Video Game Attractions: Host exciting competitions where contestants try to top each other’s score on our classic arcade games. The lively sounds of the video game attractions make great background noise against the DJ’s play-by-play. Host all-day contests where the top-scoring player of the day wins a grand prize – announce the winner on the air for even more hilarity!

Radio Station Street Team Robots: Hire a radio station street team that is truly unique! People can’t help but stop and stare at these incredible robots. Let the robots do your radio station street team marketing by handing out fliers, ad specialties, and shaking hands with the public.

Customizable Scratch Off Cards: Attract new listeners with a radio station scratch off card promotion. Create your own fun contests and mail these inexpensive radio station marketing tools out to locals for a scratch, listen, and win contest!

Event Photography: Produce printed photos on the spot of guests with their favorite athlete, author, DJ or with the company CEO. With digital technology we can superimpose images onto fun backgrounds, or use props to create antique settings for cherished antique style portrait photos.

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We are eager to work with you and exchange ideas. Let us e-mail or fax you a sample non-binding proposal detailing some of our packages and the benefits and savings we can extend to you by working with us! It's easy; just call us or click here for our contact us page.
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